Baby Steps

Have you ever had big dreams, big plans, big goals?  Most of us do, especially during our formative years!  The world seems like a place we can conquer and our dreams, however crazy they may be, seem easily attainable.  Yet as years go by, reality hits us and we come to grips with the fact that it’s not as easy as we thought, and those things that were once big dreams all of a sudden seem like mountains that are too high to climb.

The problem many times lies in the fact that we want to reach the top of that big mountain (our dream) in a sprint.  At times we have unrealistic expectations and want to bypass or short-circuit through necessary steps to fulfill those big dreams.  Why?  Because we want to do the big things, we want the big results, and we get frustrated doing the small things because they seem insignificant. 

If we observe our personal physical development, we would never have the ability to take big steps and leaps if we had not taken the baby-steps, and it’s the same with our dreams.  How can I sprint up a mountain if I haven’t mastered taking the baby-steps required for success?  Baby-steps seem insignificant and less exhilarating than being at the top, but they are so very necessary.

John Mason said, “Many people are not moving with God today simply because they were not willing to take the small steps He placed before them.”  Imagine that!  You may be feeling that you haven’t accomplished much, and it just may be that you’ve focused on doing the big things and ignoring the small steps God has placed before you.

Let’s stop a moment and assess our walk, there is power in taking baby-steps!  Start taking them today!!!

“You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little; I will put you in charge of much.” 
Matthew 25:23


  1. I’m ready ,,,it takes time to learn, patience, dedication and much more i bet…but i’m ready. :)

  2. So True…

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